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Molly Stark - Louisville, Ohio. 

I missed these with my last post.  Oops!  Great old building with some good fall colors.  As more leaves drop I’ll plan my next visit. 

Oh!  And I really enjoyed how the morning light was at such a nice low angle that the leaves reflected off the broken glass.  Which makes me think of “Up to Me” by Bob Dylan. 

Søs and I stuck our noses into the old rebuild area.  We didn’t know if we would get tossed or toured.  We got toured.  A really great guy spent a fair amount of time wandering us through the building.  He answered every question.  Told us some interesting things.  Let us take pictures to our heart’s desire.  Sadly, I’m not really too happy with my pictures.  I think I rushed a bit because I didn’t want to seem rude (which isn’t my normal character…normally I’m rude without trying). 

Regardless, they are doing some great work and investing blood, sweat and tears into rebuilding the old military aircraft that they so love. 

MAPs part I.  These are pictures of the planes that are rebuilt and on display.  I’m still in love with Pratt-Whitney engines.  They are eye candy.  Also, the hydraulics within the landing gear cavity of the F14 Tomcat is crazy.  Lastly, if you’re having difficulties reading the wording in the first picture…well, it is Russian.  That’s a Korean War era Mig 17. 

Fall in Ohio. Pumpkins, barns, shocks, mums.

Fall in Ohio. Pumpkins, barns, shocks, mums.

Yesterday was all about looking at nature taking down man’s creations. Today’s wander was a hike through the ledges. Looking at nature taking down nature’s creations.

The roots growing through and around the stones (boulders really) were amazing.